Z Spars Boom Fitting

The problem is to achieve an acceptable angle, I reduced the inner tube by approximately 200mm, now just before the boox is horizontal there is no spring and the two tobes are tight together.

The mast foot fitting extend up inside the mast making it difficult lower the mast bracket further, but it could possibly be lowered by 30mm.


Boom/Gooseneck and Old Handle Sail Track

Centaur MD2B Removal

Photos taken when removing the Volvo Penta MD2B from Gemini:


Next time I would wrap the engine in an old duvet to further protect the woodwork.

Continuing Oil Leak Woes

Plate between block and timing gear housing leaks when engine cranked:

But strangely, not when the raw water pump rear cap is removed:

From the parts explosion:



It looks like there maybe 2 missing bolts securing the plate to the block.

This picture show a new plate being held up in front of the gears of the gears just to give an idea of what is behind:



Gemini’s Current Sprayhood And Dodgers

Gemini’s Current Mast Fixings