July 2014

New Seawater Pump

Thanks to Les of East Coast Offshore Yachting I now have a working engine, and a cool one at that!

The bracket is broken on the water pipe, the cable tie fix will last for a few hours but I need a more permanent solution?

It was a case or 3rd time luck as I must have made every mistake possible, it took all day and did not get home until 10pm. First I fitted with tails on the wrong side, the upside down! It made sense for the pipes to be at the bottom, but the connections fitted better the other way around so I tried that 1st, DOH! Anyway I could probably do the whole job in less than half an hour now.

As the last pic shows I also installed an exhaust alarm!



The question now is whether it would be a good idea to now replace the missing thermostat?

It is safer at sea than on a river!

There were a total of 381 drownings and water-related deaths the UK in 2013, according to a report published today by the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF).

This compares to 371 water-related deaths in 2012, and 407 in 2011.

As in previous years, fatalities at the sea, on the beach or shoreline accounted for nearly a third (115), while a further 22 deaths happened at harbours, docks, marinas and inland or coastal ports.

More than half of the deaths (227) in 2013 were in inland waters, such as tidal and freshwater rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Eight deaths occurred in the bath and six in swimming pools, while three happened in areas that are not normally watercourses such as marsh and flooded land.


Saloon floor project

Floor is 88cm wide and 207cm in length.







Thinking of Flotex:

http://flotex.karpetkingdom.co.uk/ViewProduct.aspx?p=181 but shame about the 7cm!