April 2015

Personal Locator Beacon

Just in case the worst comes to the worst:


Raw Water Strainer

The raw water strainer has always been located under the port quarter berth, which has been an irritation. It is now located next to the engine! Plus, an ‘L’ valve so that the water can be pumped from another location if required

Chart Holder

Here is a pic of the chart holder:


Made in teak ordered from www.kjhowells.com

Just need to add a lip to the bottom, and a pencil holder!


New jacklines fitted:

Even used seizing wire!!

To go with the 2 new safety lines – no excuse for falling overboard now!!


New fire extinguishers fitted

Just fitted 2 x PFE-1 portable aerosol fire extinguishers, 1 in the cabin, the other in the companion way:


The world’s most versatile and compact Fire Extinguisher.

• The only type of extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical fires.
• COMPACT – 70-80 Smaller than Conventional Extinguishers
• NON-TOXIC – Human Safety Guaranteed
• CLEAN AGENT – Environmentally Safe
• NON PRESSURISED – Zero Maintenance
• NO RESIDUE – Avoid Costly Damaging Clean Up
• NON HARMFUL – Safe for Engines, Transformers, Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics
• 3* to 7 YEAR GUARANTEE – Reliable & Very Effective
(*3-4 years current stock, 5 years marine/harsh environment, 7 years domestic environment)