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Just in case the worst comes to the worst:



New jacklines fitted:

Even used seizing wire!!

To go with the 2 new safety lines – no excuse for falling overboard now!!


New fire extinguishers fitted

Just fitted 2 x PFE-1 portable aerosol fire extinguishers, 1 in the cabin, the other in the companion way:

The world’s most versatile and compact Fire Extinguisher.

• The only type of extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical fires.
• COMPACT – 70-80 Smaller than Conventional Extinguishers
• NON-TOXIC – Human Safety Guaranteed
• CLEAN AGENT – Environmentally Safe
• NON PRESSURISED – Zero Maintenance
• NO RESIDUE – Avoid Costly Damaging Clean Up
• NON HARMFUL – Safe for Engines, Transformers, Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics
• 3* to 7 YEAR GUARANTEE – Reliable & Very Effective
(*3-4 years current stock, 5 years marine/harsh environment, 7 years domestic environment)

It is safer at sea than on a river!

There were a total of 381 drownings and water-related deaths the UK in 2013, according to a report published today by the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF).

This compares to 371 water-related deaths in 2012, and 407 in 2011.

As in previous years, fatalities at the sea, on the beach or shoreline accounted for nearly a third (115), while a further 22 deaths happened at harbours, docks, marinas and inland or coastal ports.

More than half of the deaths (227) in 2013 were in inland waters, such as tidal and freshwater rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Eight deaths occurred in the bath and six in swimming pools, while three happened in areas that are not normally watercourses such as marsh and flooded land.

Saloon Bilge Pump – Is this possible?

Here are 2 ways that it may be possible to drill a hole for a pipe:


I think there is already a small hole from the engine bay to the saloon, but it cannot be seen. If I fill the engine bay with water it does drain down to the saloon bilge so I know there is a hole somewhere.

The port locker looks like the best option, but judging where to drill a hole that would enter the saloon bilge would be difficult.

I may give up if it is too difficult, but the saloon bilge is definitely the lowest part, so it seams to make sense to be able to pump from here if required.


Installing an automatic bilge pump

I am looking at installing a Whale Supersub 650 automatic bilge pump:



with a SeaWorld bilge pump switch panel with alarm:

Where is the best place to locate the pump, under the engine or is there a better place?