Westerly Centaur – Gemini.

Gemini’s Current Mast Fixings

Personal Locator Beacon

Just in case the worst comes to the worst:


Raw Water Strainer

The raw water strainer has always been located under the port quarter berth, which has been an irritation. It is now located next to the engine! Plus, an ‘L’ valve so that the water can be pumped from another location if required

Chart Holder

Here is a pic of the chart holder:


Made in teak ordered from www.kjhowells.com

Just need to add a lip to the bottom, and a pencil holder!


New jacklines fitted:

Even used seizing wire!!

To go with the 2 new safety lines – no excuse for falling overboard now!!


New fire extinguishers fitted

Just fitted 2 x PFE-1 portable aerosol fire extinguishers, 1 in the cabin, the other in the companion way:


The world’s most versatile and compact Fire Extinguisher.

• The only type of extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical fires.
• COMPACT – 70-80 Smaller than Conventional Extinguishers
• NON-TOXIC – Human Safety Guaranteed
• CLEAN AGENT – Environmentally Safe
• NON PRESSURISED – Zero Maintenance
• NO RESIDUE – Avoid Costly Damaging Clean Up
• NON HARMFUL – Safe for Engines, Transformers, Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics
• 3* to 7 YEAR GUARANTEE – Reliable & Very Effective
(*3-4 years current stock, 5 years marine/harsh environment, 7 years domestic environment)

New Fuse Panels

The old panel only had 6 fuses and was very corroded. New ‘blade fuse’ fitted with more space and 110% more reliable.


Exhaust Temperature Alarm

Another project completed!

Last year the water pump had an intermittent fault causing the engine to overheat.

As well a replacing the pump, a new exhaust temperature alarm has been fitted.

Any further failures at least we will have an early warning.


Attempting to replace the existing anode:

Anode on hull, turning the nut also turns the stud!


Stud inside with earth:


Other stud:


Both studs:


Connecting VHF and GPS

Connect the GPS128’s blue wire to the Icom’s central core. Connect the Icom’s outer core to the Garmin’s ground (black wire). You’ll need to check that the Garmin is set up to output NMEA (look at the Interface page and set it for either NMEA/NMEA or None/NMEA.

Garmin 128

Need to check this is set to outpu NMEA, by default it is set to Garmin





YBW Thread:




Centre cleats for a Centaur

I am looking at fitting centre cleats on Gemini, and cleats such as these are just way to expensive:

So I am looking in to geeting some bespoke cleats made ot of 316 grade stainless steel, her is what I have so far:





The idea is that these will just drop over the toerail and be secured with sikaflex and 3 bolts.

Here is the finished article:



This is the genius bespoke stainless steel fabricator that made them.

Now fitted on to Gemini:

Rig inspection time

Glen inspecting the rigging and replacing bulbs

DSC_00000199999 DSC_000001777767 DSC_000001787887 DSC_00000187878878 DSC_000001ddededed

New Seawater Pump

Thanks to Les of East Coast Offshore Yachting I now have a working engine, and a cool one at that!

The bracket is broken on the water pipe, the cable tie fix will last for a few hours but I need a more permanent solution?

It was a case or 3rd time luck as I must have made every mistake possible, it took all day and did not get home until 10pm. First I fitted with tails on the wrong side, the upside down! It made sense for the pipes to be at the bottom, but the connections fitted better the other way around so I tried that 1st, DOH! Anyway I could probably do the whole job in less than half an hour now.

As the last pic shows I also installed an exhaust alarm!



The question now is whether it would be a good idea to now replace the missing thermostat?

It is safer at sea than on a river!

There were a total of 381 drownings and water-related deaths the UK in 2013, according to a report published today by the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF).

This compares to 371 water-related deaths in 2012, and 407 in 2011.

As in previous years, fatalities at the sea, on the beach or shoreline accounted for nearly a third (115), while a further 22 deaths happened at harbours, docks, marinas and inland or coastal ports.

More than half of the deaths (227) in 2013 were in inland waters, such as tidal and freshwater rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Eight deaths occurred in the bath and six in swimming pools, while three happened in areas that are not normally watercourses such as marsh and flooded land.


Saloon floor project

Floor is 88cm wide and 207cm in length.







Thinking of Flotex:

http://flotex.karpetkingdom.co.uk/ViewProduct.aspx?p=181 but shame about the 7cm!

Saloon Bilge Pump – Is this possible?

Here are 2 ways that it may be possible to drill a hole for a pipe:


I think there is already a small hole from the engine bay to the saloon, but it cannot be seen. If I fill the engine bay with water it does drain down to the saloon bilge so I know there is a hole somewhere.

The port locker looks like the best option, but judging where to drill a hole that would enter the saloon bilge would be difficult.

I may give up if it is too difficult, but the saloon bilge is definitely the lowest part, so it seams to make sense to be able to pump from here if required.


Cockpit cover

Planned cockpit cover for Westerly Centaur:



To clip on to top of dodger




B&G Focus Sun Cover Required

Can anyone help?

I am trying to locate a sun cover for a B&G Focus:


Installing an automatic bilge pump

I am looking at installing a Whale Supersub 650 automatic bilge pump:



with a SeaWorld bilge pump switch panel with alarm:

Where is the best place to locate the pump, under the engine or is there a better place?